The Run across america!


Hello everyone! My name is Josh “Smoove” Stewart. I'm 34 years of age. I’m from a small town in Louisiana called Patterson. I started my weight-loss journey on the 27th of September in 2015. I once weighed 287, but my starting weight was 260 when I began my haul. Where I’m from the food culture is taken very serious. We grew up eating foods that were very fatty, heavily seasoned, and mostly fried, so for many years I was ignorant to what a healthy, balanced diet really was! It would forever be impossible to live a healthy lifestyle in South Louisiana if it’s not in your heart to do so, due to the food culture. Until One day I woke up with a different approach. I wanted to look better and free myself of all chronic diseases so I started putting in the work and eating better! Once I realized that it’s all about how you feel and not about how you look, I started digging deeper and trying new things. A little over a year later I jumped into the Plant-based diet and never went back! It’s been right at two years since I made the transition. When I started getting into the diet change I started feeling lighter on my feet. That led me to running more and trying out my first 5k race. After I completed the race I was blown away by my finishing time. At that moment I knew It was meant for me to find this passion for so many reasons. Well, on 6.1.2019 I will start at the beginning of Route 66 in Chicago, IL & end my run, 2,034 miles and 90 days later, in Santa Monica, CA! I feel I have to fulfill this goal being that it’s sitting heavy on my heart to do so! I will be running to donate to three charities. Those Charities are:

1.) NAACP Legal Defense Fund -  Fighting for racial justice and civil rights.

2.) The Childhood Obesity Foundation - Dedicated to identifying, evaluating, and promoting best practices in healthy nutrition and physical activity to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity.

3.) The Up Community - To build within our community in order to make it a more safe & educational place for our children and generations to come. 

(Send any suggestions for other charities I can donate to). I’ll also be out there on the road representing the 1.6% of African-Americans that participate in racing competitions in America. I one day hope to increase this number by 10%! 

I’m also seeking donations and sponsorships from any businesses or corporations that’s willing to help! 

Im asking for my supporters to come together and help me reach a goal of $30,000 to help with travel expenses, RV Rental, & food for our crew of 4. Everyone will be sacrificing so much for those 3 months on the road and your help will absolutely make it easier! A percentage of any money accumulated from the beginning to the end of the race will be donated to each charity listed above (charities may be added). This is something that will be great for humanity period, but it will be impossible without you guys support! I love you all and thank you, always! #TeamSuperYou #MoveWithSmoove #UpCommunity

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Phone: 504.575.4817

Also, contact Harold “Raspy” Rawls on Instagram for information on volunteering at @Raspy_Rawls

Thank you so much for your support! Let’s make the world better, one smile at a time!