Josh "Smoove" Stewart

Fitness Trainer/Motivational Coach




Hello guys! My name is Josh “Smoove” Stewart, owner & founder of SuperYOU Fitness! I started this brand with the intentions of assisting you on how to be and build a better version of yourself! I know the struggle oh so well! Prior to my journey to a healthier lifestyle, beginning on June 27th, 2015, I was a very negative and pessimistic individual. Needless to say that I displayed no concern regarding my exercise and eating habits. I was an avid cigarette smoker. It was all until I woke up one morning and realized that I had to change a thing or two about myself. There was something in my life that needed to be drastically shifted in order to see a change. With the help of two of my close friends, which I consider family, who were already fitness trainers, (Kreig Triggs and Etoyi Jones) I embarked on a journey that would later on change my life forever!

Initially, my goal was to lose weight to look better. Once I started the process and began to see true results, it gave me a gigantic push & stronger will power to want more. I then started to change my negative mind into a strong, positive one! In order to change your life you have to change your philosophy. It was exuberating! The excitement came to me when I noticed that everyone around me realized the genuine & extreme changes I had made in other areas of my life that’s far deeper than the surface! It only took me 3 months to drop a whopping 60 pounds! This was great, but the weight loss was too rapid. I was unaware at the time that rapid weight loss wasn’t sustainable & dangerous in more ways than one. After realizing that, I began to further educate myself on Fitness & Nutrition. To make a long story short, that’s what led me here! To let each and every one of you guys know that there’s a FLAME inside of you that’s ready to be fueled up! You are a champion. You are a BEAST! It’s time to take action & stop talking about it. LET IT OUT! There’s a ton more to my story, but I will continue to share it with you all at a later date. I want to personally thank you guys for viewing the site and I hope you come back and check for updates often! Also, subscribe to the email list so you can get some SUPER updates on what’s taking place here & around the fitness world. I love you all & sending tons of blessings to each & every one of you! Remember, you are the example for those watching you. Inspire to be inspired and continue being SUPERYOU!

Peace & Love,

Josh “Smoove” Stewart

Being healthy is a lifestyle, not a fad.
— Smoove